About Us

Nancy Delores & Co. is an artist collective. Formed on our shared dorm room floor, Nancy Delores & Co. (named after our highly creative grandmother) is a collaborative project to create one of a kind hand carved, hand-printed and collage cards and prints.  Our passion is supporting creativity, and celebrating individuality, wherever we can spot it.


Catherine Michelle

Catherine Michelle

Born and raised in St. Petersburg, Catherine has been around artists and makers her entire life: both of her grandmothers were artists (talented in many media), her father is a fine woodworking craftsman, and her mom is a huge promoter of self-reliance, homesteading, and DIY.  At an early age, Catherine began to collage, using parts of toys, puzzles, and games to add texture and dimension to projects.  In Elementary school, she began taking sewing classes with Erica and staying up at night working on sewing projects.  When matriarch and creative inspiration, Nancy Delores passed, Catherine started a daily art journal.  Her journals focused on collages from inherited vintage National Geographic magazines.  Balancing her degree in Biology focused on Environment, Ecology & Evolution, Catherine took many art courses and participated in several exhibits throughout undergrad.  Her graduate degree is in Marine Science and she is a Fisheries Biologist, has a deep passion for marine and global environmental conservation, and a strong interest in space exploration.

Catherine is inspired by themes of balance and dichotomy, textures, and layers.  She teaches art classes at local art studio and shop Whim So Doodle - including macrame, vision boards and collage, tessellations, sewing, and printmaking.   


Erica Rachelle


Erica grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Living just two doors away from her grandmother, she was immersed in creative expression and empowered female art at an early age in the forms of poetry and oil paintings by both her mother and grandmother.  Also, taking sewing classes in the summer, both Erica and Catherine were turning out their own clothes and quilts in middle school.  When her grandmother passed, Erica inherited her oil painting supplies, which in turn, provided the creative outlet she needed to cope and deal with the grief of losing such a significant figure.  She began spending independent time as a young teenager developing her craft, and as her interest grew, began taking formal course-work in high school.  She completed her degree in Art with Associated Studies in Art Therapy.  Erica is a Kindergarten teacher and currently has work on display at And33, in downtown Orlando.

Erica's favorite medium is painting with acrylic and gouache.  She is inspired by homesteading, self-reliance, and independence and makes handmade soaps, has a thriving home garden, and cans.